Getting an injection in your butt is much easier than movies make it out to be


fucking christ Moffat we get it, Clara Oswald is single-handedly the most important fucking companion ever in the Doctor’s life, jesus fucking christ god damn

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It is real weird how I just watched an episode of Doctor Who fan fiction that actually aired on the BBC

That is what happened, right?

Why hello


Nothing feels as good as pizza tastes.

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Hair game too strong



One of the problems with the idea that America needs a “Conversation On Race” is that it presumes that “America” has something intelligent to say about race. All you need do is look at how American history is taught in this country to realize that that is basically impossible.

I have had conversations with very well-educated people who, with a straight face, have told me that there are Black Confederates. If you ask a very well educated person how the GI Bill exacerbated the wealth gap, or how New Deal housing policy helped create the ghetto they very likely will not know. And they do not know, not because they are ignorant, stupid, or immoral, they do not know because they are part of country that has decided that “not knowing” is in its interest. There’s no room for any sort of serious conversation when the basic facts of history are not accessible. It would be like me demanding a conversation on Vichy France—en Français.

The always on point Ta-Nehisi Coates. The quote is taken from a blogpost which points out how some of the problems found within the Brad Paisley/L.L. Cool J song, “Accidental Racist,” can be traced back to our lackluster history education. (via thirdgenerationexile)

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Congrats for inventing the watch.

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This is how I teach myself After Effects.

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