I know Pharrell is happy, but he doesn’t have to keep rubbing it in my face

Oh Hank.

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My stupid car passed inspection!

All hail the 1997 Toyota Tercel!


Wrestling at its finest


Wrestling at its finest

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I think I need defrizzing spray for my hair between conditioning. INTERNET HELP ME!



It works, but you’ll get him arrested.

Well I wasn’t going to be THAT raunchy! 

Well, according to Skype it is blocked.

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This QT

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atnatnatn asked: What makes you the happiest?

What makes me happiest is my ability to define myself. I’ve been an knowledgeable underachiever most of my life and I’ve had my share of difficulties in life (illness, hardships), but despite all of that, I know that I’m not just the sum of the things I’ve lived through.

I have much more in my life I want to accomplish (and I will). That said, I’ve created a life for myself with the ones I love around me, and I’m proud of that.