My latest piece.

Phil? Phil Conners? Is that you?!

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this guy tho 

The unimpressed little girl and the head shaking father make this.

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Still not a fan of The Miz but I am a fan of Johnny Cage. He needs to leave an autograph to his knocked out opponent after the match. Or just punch people in the nuts.

This is a hell of a rabbit hole.

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I know this has been noted elsewhere, but 3 hour Raws become much more watchable and interesting when the mid card is allowed to do things. It has been a long time since I haven’t nodded off or channel flipped on a Monday night, but the Kofi/Big E/Xavier, Ryder, and Stardust segments kept me glued.

More of this, please.


EXCLUSIVE! LEaked footage from #Summerslam Main Event!!

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