Colin Marshall and “Notebook on Culture & Cities” Season 2

Colin Marshall, much beloved writer of the’s “Podthoughts” and “The Marketplace of Ideas”, has a delightful and thoughtful program now titled “Notebook on Cities & Culture”. On it, he talks to comedians, writers, authors, radio hosts, intellecuctuals, and many other types of thoughtful people about what it means to live and work in various cities and how changing your location can change how you create.

The first season focused primarily on Los Angeles, as Colin moved from Santa Barbara to LA during the genesis of the new show.

It is hard to describe, but for me, the show has the most amazing sense of place of any podcast I’ve ever listened to. From the background noise of the field interviews, to the debates about what constitutes a neighborhood, and especially the passion that Colin and his guests have about LA, this is a podcast rooted in a particular location.

Add to that, the insightful and spontaneous questioning of Colin himself (a few times he has tipped that he doesn’t prepare exact questions, only areas of interest) give the listener a lively sense of the person being interviewed. And in an hour long discussion, a lot of ground is covered in a way that other interviewers can’t hope to manage on a broadcast interview show.

In total, this is a show that could only be done in podcast form (despite the high level of polish and production).

This is where you come in:

Season 2 of Notebook on Culture & Cities is funding its second season via Kickstarter, and is really close to its goal of $3,000 dollars, without many days left. Season one had 32 episodes covering 32 different perspectives on Los Angeles, and now Colin wants to bring his focus to Portland and San Francisco.

I know that 25 dollars might be a lot to ask, but any amount of money donated will be to an independent voice with a unique perspective that enriches my life and many, many others. Any money you give to fund Season 2 would be greatly appreciated.

To whet your whistle, here are some great episodes from season 1:

Jordan Morris:

Eliza Skinner:

Jesse Thorn:

Tyler Smith of Battleship Pretension (super duper film geeky an awesome):

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It means a lot to me

To donate:


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